About Us

What We DO


Coworking defines a new way of thinking about how we work. Apart from the shared working environment the coworking community shares values, interests, skills, knowledge; all the things which create a synergy between the people who value working in the same place alongside each other.

Following these thoughts CoSpace provides a platform for building an evolving and diverse community of freelancers and entrepreneurs striving for heterogeneous coworking, where one can find and rent space for events, meetings, social, gastro and cultural projects. By this we are creating opportunities for cooperation, networking and innovation, which make for a sustainable economic landscape in Vienna.


CoSpace is a registered brand by the operating and consulting startup Gadcon GmbH. Originally founded mid 2013 as CoSpace e.U. and reorganized early 2015 as limited liability company by managing director Georg Demmer.

The CoSpace concept develops shared community-oriented working spaces with multiple uses and various infrastructure at street level. Besides offering these venues for meeting and events, main focus is providing flexible coworking memberships, shared location, service and network supporting start-ups, freelancers and promoting entrepreneurship, social business, as well as arts and culture in general and especially urban city development in Vienna, by opening vacant space for creative industries.

WHo We Are

Georg Demmer

CEO, Founder
Georg (Austria, 1983) developed the concept and runs the company behind the brand. Besides he is involved in different startup projects and works as freelance consultant in the gastronomy and real estate sector.

Pascale Rasinger

CoSpace Manager

Pascale (Austria, 1984) as serial entrepreneur she understands to build up companies from scratch. Her broad expertise ranges from Project and Product Management to UX and UI Design. Now she is the CEO of a health care startup.   

Jean Noel Marteau

chief innovation officer

Jean (Belgium, 1983) is specialised in business & system design. The enfant terrible of paper & the digital era: with 20 years of experience in the NGO sector & +15 in the IT and media industry, he makes things work.

Ilja Prokopez

Independent partner

Ilja (Ukraine, 1981) grew up in Hamburg, studied urban planning in Vienna. He works as a freelance sales and property manager and joined the team in an early stage to help building the PopUp system.